Temecula Custom Homes

The Building Process Custom Homebuilding is a detailed endeavor

There are literally hundreds of decisions that need to be made along the way and hundreds of problems that can arise. We have a process and we will be here to guide you through every step.

We ensure you always know where you stand with the decisions that need to be made. You will know when they need to be made, you will have all of the information available to you to make those decisions, and you will know how each of them impacts your budget as you make them. We will introduce you to our process at our first meeting. If you have built before, it will be a refreshing change to what you may have experienced in the past. If this is your first custom home, rest assured that we will walk you through the entire experience so that you are comfortable at every step.

Design and Preconstruction

Because we typically have responsibility for the building as well as the design and a full set of construction skills and broad experience, we can competently advise clients about costs as we design. It doesn’t matter how expansive or limited a client’s financial capability is. Everyone wants good value, and everyone wants to know what they’re paying for. We begin the design process with a vision (starting with your land and designing the house to take advantage of the land), a concept (what is the scope of the project and what kind of project it will be), and a budget. The budget informs our thinking all the way.

If you have designs already completed, we can review them together and advise on possible value engineering or any changes that you would like to make.

During this time you will be working with our designers to fully articulate your vision. The designers' role is to ask, to listen, to ask again, and to suggest solutions. The clients' job is to articulate needs, desires, and constraints.

Designers and clients together test solutions and hypotheses to see if they are workable and satisfying. Some clients we see frequently during the design and construction of their project; others we may not see for some time. We have to make numerous decisions for these clients. How do we make the right decisions? By getting to know them, talking to them, gauging reactions, and trying to understand their careful articulation of who they are and what they want. This becomes the basis for all decision-making.

Permitting and Approvals

Unlike most contractors who don’t want to have anything to do with the permitting process, Koll Custom Homes, hand carries each project through the permitting process on your behalf. Most residential projects in the area require the approval of at least ten different agencies. Each of these agencies have there own priorities and want to put their own two cents onto your project. Too often we have seen project stall or just never make it through to permit issuance when the client is left to handle this process. This is not to say that it can’t be done, but it requires endless patience and working with each agency to ensure that everyone is satisfied. Beyond just the standard Building and Safety approval, we will interface with Land Use, Planning, Grading, Transportation, MSHCP, BMP/NPDES, CSD, Fire Prevention, Environmental Health, School Districts and HOA’s. We are familiar and comfortable with the process and have the advantage of being able to obtain the various county and city approvals.

Building and Construction

During Construction there will be several milestones and you will be kept apprised of the budget and timelines at every step of the way including

    • Grading
    • Foundation
    • Framing
    • Rough-Ins
    • Drywall
    • Trim
    • Final

Completion and Warranty

Once your home is complete, you can submit warranty requests online using our client access.  You can come back to the site to check the status, add comments as necessary, and then verify when they are complete.